Demo Tests

Welcome to a free demo of the Peter Skerritt & Associates Online Testing System. The system has been designed to test your understanding of various international qualifications in a unique online environment. Please read the instructions below for guidance on using the system.


Name Score achieved Status Max score Time in minutes
ACI Diploma N/A Open 10 15
ACI Dealing Certificate N/A Open 10 15
ACI Operations Certificate N/A Open 10 15
Associate PRM N/A Open 10 20
PRM™ Certificate N/A Open 10 50


Please choose the test you wish to complete from the list above. Once the test page has loaded, do not navigate away from that page, press Back or Forward on your browser, or close the browser window. You will be able to view feedback to your answers directly after you have completed the test.

About Adobe Flash

This system uses Adobe Flash. If you find that your system isn't displaying the test properly, or it seems to load an empty page, it is likely that you do not have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed in your browser. Please click here to download the latest version of Adobe Flash.